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Here at Family Worship Centre, we want you to feel as though you belong!  We have found two ways that really help people fell connected.  First, by volunteering, and second, by joining a small group family. 



If you love kids, talk to Shelley (see her team picture on our home page).

  Maybe you like getting to know people and could make other new people feel welcome.  Speak to any usher and they will point you in the right direction. 


If you are more of a 'behind the scenes' person, we are always looking for more video or sound technicians and WE PROVIDE ALL THE TRAINING! 


If you aren't sure how to get involved, come see any volunteer or staff member (they usually wear tags around their necks) and tell them to set you up!

Small Groups

We really encourage every person in our church to get involved with a small group.  In the front lobby you will see a bulletin board with pictures of our small group leaders.  Small groups are for men, women, couples, singles.  Some groups are more specific, others are open to everyone.  Some are fairly short, like MTM (More Than Music) on Thursday evenings, some last a couple of hours.  Connect with any or all of the small group leaders to see which might be a good fit for you.  




Got questions about life?  Alpha is a safe place to explore those questions.  There is no cost, always food and great people to hang out with!


Fill out the contact form for more info or to find out when the next session will run.

Water Baptism

Jesus and his followers were baptised by total immersion in water.  In Matthew 3:13-17 you can read about Jesus' experience with water baptism.  Water baptism can be a very meaningful step in your walk with God.  We have water baptisms here at the church on a regular basis.  Talk to Pastor Dallas if this is something that you would like more information on.  You can contact him by filling out this form.

You can watch a recent water baptism below!


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