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FWC Membership
Renewal Application

Membership Statement
At Family Worship Centre we expect our members to do what the Jesus clearly teaches is expected of every Christian. 
Please read the following: 

1. I am wholeheartedly following Christ.
2. I am doing my utmost to live a godly life.
3. I am seeking to grow as a Christian.
4. Have you or will you, discover your spiritual gifts? 
5. Will you participate in ministry in the church with those gifts?
6. Are you or will you join, a church small group?
7. Are you, or will you, involve yourself in personal in personal friendship       evangelism?
8. Are you, or will be, participating in tithing to the church?
9. Will you be supportive of FWC leadership and protect the unity of the church.
   - Pray for the leadership, speak well of them and follow their vision. 
   - Pray for the congregation and speak well of them.
   - Be accountable to the leadership of FWC to live a lifestyle that honors God.
10.Will you participate in congregational decisions?
11. If at any time you do not understand or agree with the leadership of FWC or   some aspect of the church, will you give us an opportunity to respond to   your concerns and questions. Should you still feel that you cannot live with the   decisions and answers given, and feel you must leave, will you leave gently, quietly   and in a godly manner so as not to hinder the work of God here?
12. Have you read and can adhere to the
 Statements of Fundamental and Essential Truths?


Thanks for submitting!

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