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November 25 | 5:30 PM
In Person

Our church has the opportunity to be involved with the Santa Claus parade on Saturday November 25th at 5:30pm. This is always a great chance for us to love our community! Come visit us by the bonfire (in the parking lot behind the Whitecourt Legion) for free hot chocolate and candy!


December 7 | 7 PM
In Person

With Christmas just around the corner, we are aware of the loneliness, grief, and pain that the holiday season often brings. Some of us are grieving the loss of a loved one, while others are feeling the loss of relationships or experiencing job loss. Whether you're grieving a recent or past loss, we invite you to take part in this in-person event with candle lighting, live music, and reflective readings.

Join us Thursday December 7 at 7pm at the church building (4220 Elko Drive) for this free event. 

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December 24 | 6 PM
In Person & Online

Make our candlelight Christmas Eve service a part of your family's tradition this year. There will be singing, a kids story time, and free gifts for the kids. Bring your whole family and invite a friend to come along with you. This in-person service will be held at the church building (4220 Elko Drive). You can also view the service live on YouTube. The link for the service will also be available on our Facebook page. 
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